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A little background info

Have you been thinking about travelling abroad for dental treatment but are not sure where to go and how to start? Well, let's see if we can help you!

A little background info…

We are a dental practice in Budapest, Hungary and started as British Hungarian Medical Service back in 2006 when the EU opened up for expansion and freedom of travel began!

We have developed from a small practice with 2 surgeries to a practice with 5 chairs and many foreign patients!! Set in the leafy outskirts of Budapest, we offer the most modern equipment and dental techniques for our patients.

When we started, we were focused on the UK market and very successfully developed a great strategy of sending UK patients for treatment. We finally opened our own practice in London in 2010 which sadly, we recently sold. Our business model of having our dentists fly to London to practise no longer worked following Brexit and we have had to rethink our operations.

As we were so successful with our British patients, we wanted to continue to offer great quality dentistry at even more affordable prices, and so we have re-launched our services to our clients as we did many years ago!

We can now offer a virtual one-on-one free consultation with our principal oral surgeon. Dr Attila Halasz MoM, MSC. Meet Dr Attila Halasz online and have a discussion about your dental needs. Click here for further information.

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