Single Implant

As our diets change and become more harmful, maintaining good oral hygiene is becoming increasingly difficult. Sadly, this is leading to an increase in dental problems, with many people losing teeth as a result. However, there is a solution – dental implants.

Those who have had teeth implants fitted tend to experience a much greater quality of life than those with bridges or dentures. At BHMS, we work exclusively with the highest quality implants and crown materials to ensure maximum success rates.

Before undergoing any treatment, patients receive a comprehensive written plan outlining costs, phases of treatment, and duration. We believe in transparency when it comes to providing advice and information to our patients. Our team of expert clinicians are experienced in both placing implants and creating prosthetics, ensuring continuity of care.

Using internationally recognised implant systems such as Nobel Biocare, Alpha Bio, Straumann and Ankylos, our patients receive not only the best products but the best possible care too.

We also offer sinus lift bone grafting and have recently invested in the revolutionary PRP (platelet Rich Plasma) machine which uses patients' own tissue for bone grafts and gives an even higher rate of success than traditional methods.

This coupled with digital planning before implant surgery gives the best chance of a successful implant placement.

The typical timeline for a single implant procedure, from implant surgery to crown fitting, ranges from 4-5 to 11-12 months. BHMS is committed to providing the best care and clear information, addressing the evolving challenges in oral health with advanced solutions.

Single Implant