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Why Budapest?

Budapest is a captivating, cultural and vibrant city easily accessible with convenient flight options from many UK airports. A romantic city with so much to do! With many coffee shops, restaurants, and hotels. It boasts many boutiques and malls for shopping, the best spa and thermal baths in Europe, beautiful boulevards, and wonderful architecture. Spoilt for choice with great operas and concerts, theatres, and cinemas. In this cosmopolitan city, there is a choice of cuisine from all around the world, try the Trofea restaurant in Kiraly Utca, Budapest, if you want to experience traditional Hungarian dishes, it’s an eat as much as you like. Or visit the stunning New York Café for an espresso and a pastry. You will not be disappointed!

Treatment abroad, Budapest | Affordable Dentist Abroad

Whilst in Budapest,

see the beautiful sights including the Hungarian statue of Liberty, and the Royal Palace on Gellert Hill, which can be accessed by the funicular. In the palace district, you can see the amazing Fisherman’s Bastion, right next to the stunning Matthias church and have a bird eye view of the River Danube with Margit Island in the distance. Take a boat cruise along the river. The most beautiful sight must be the Parliament sitting on the banks of the river Danube, especially stunning at night when all lit up. Markets and museums, all easily accessible with trams, buses and metro. You will never be bored in Budapest!

Treatment abroad, Budapest | Affordable Dentist Abroad

Treatment in Budapest

Hungary is a prominent hub for dental tourism that stretches back many years and even before EU expansion in 2004, it was welcoming dental patients from Austria and Germany. As a member of the European Union, you can be assured that the standards are high as to be expected from all members of the EU and this is an important factor when choosing which country to travel to and whom to trust with your dental treatment. Renowned for its highly skilled dentists, state-of-the-art equipment, easy to access with convenient flight options from many UK cities, Budapest is the perfect choice due to location and expertise.

Treatment abroad | Affordable Dentist Abroad

Dr. Attila Halasz, principal oral surgeon

Dr. Attila Halasz, our principal oral surgeon, specializes exclusively in implant surgery, bone grafting and surgical procedures. With a wealth of expertise in this field, he has successfully treated hundreds of clients from the UK, France and Switzerland, placing thousands of implants with an impressive success rate exceeding 98%. This accomplishment reflects his dedication to excellence. 

Dr Attila Halasz is a specialist surgeon on the General Dental Council in the UK, GDC no 145336 and started to treat patients in London from May 2008. He boasts experience, actively participating in ongoing courses to stay abreast of the latest techniques and continuously enhancing his skills.

Patients are always commenting on Dr Attila Halasz’s expertise, his calm demeanour and how satisfied they are with his expert care.

Dr Attila Halász | Affordable Dentist Abroad

British Hungarian Medical Service

At British Hungarian Medical Service, and with the help of Agnes, we provide comprehensive support throughout every aspect of your travel journey. From offering guidance on flights and accommodation to facilitating airport pick-ups and transfers between your hotel and the clinic, we ensure a seamless experience. With over 18 years of experience and a vast number of satisfied patients, we understand the unique needs of dental tourists and adeptly cater to specific requirements. Upon arrival, the team in Budapest will be at hand to assist with your dental treatment and your stay there.

For those seeking top-tier dental treatment in Budapest with the potential to save up to 70% compared to costs in Great Britain and Ireland, we extend a warm invitation to explore our dental practice in Budapest. Renowned as Europe's premier city for high-quality and cost-effective treatments, Budapest promises a better smile for everyone.

Dental Treatment in Budapest | Affordable Dentist Abroad

Why choose Budapest for your dental needs?

While most dental procedures at our Budapest clinic involve advanced treatments like crowns, bridges, veneers, and extensive reconstructions—often incorporating dental implants—prospective patients contemplating treatment in Budapest sometimes express concerns about the quality of dental work and post-treatment care. It's understandable that individuals taking this leap into the unknown want assurance that their expectations will be met, emphasizing the importance of thorough research to mitigate potential risks.

Dental Treatment in Budapest | Affordable Dentist Abroad

Key advantages of opting for dental treatment in Budapest

  1. World-class Treatment: Access premium dental services from professional dentists and oral surgeons in Budapest at significantly discounted rates.
  2. Combine Treatment with Leisure: Enjoy a European city holiday in between your dental appointments.
  3. Comprehensive Services: Benefit from additional services, including transportation, discounted accommodation at partner hotels, and assistance in organizing your free-time activities in Budapest.
Key advantages of opting for dental treatment in Budapest

What to consider before deciding on treatment abroad

  1. Quality Check: Examine the quality of surgeries and dental materials used in the clinic.
  2. Support Post Treatment: Understand the support system provided apart from the dental treatment itself.
  3. Aftercare and Guarantee: Enquire about aftercare and guarantee options.
  4. Patient Experiences: Seek firsthand experiences from patients treated at the clinic of your choice.
What to consider before deciding on treatment abroad

Embark on your journey to a healthier and more confident smile with our reliable and affordable dental services in Budapest. We look forward to welcoming you!